Ladybirds Mini Collection

Ladybirds Set for 5"x7"
Set includes 3 designs for 5"x7" hoop size. Available in set and separately.
Ladybirds for 5"x7"
Valentine Ladybug for 5"x7"
Heart Ladybug for 5"x7"
Ladybirds Set for 5"x7" & 6"x10"
Set includes 3 designs. Each design is offered in two or three sizes for 5"x7" and 6x10-inch hoops sizes. Available in set and separately.
Ladybirds for 5"x7" & 6"x10"
Valentine Ladybug for 5"x7" & 6"x10"
Heart Ladybug for 5"x7" & 6"x10"