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Making Standalone Patches
Patch-type technique is one of the most interesting techniques. It allows you to finish a variety of projects with ease and speed, but most importantly saving a great deal on embroidery supplies that are becoming quite costly. You don't need to be concerned about the amount of thread needed for even the largest of designs, or to worry about the right placement of the design in the project and fearing ruining it in the middle of the job. You can learn more about it by reading our Making Standalone Patches help topic.

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Making Neat Edge Using "Finishing Trims" Designs
As the name of designs implies, they are constructed in a way that the edge of the fabric is cut and overcast during the embroidery. This will help you to achieve nice and neat edging finish for your products.

In order to embroider designs in this technique you will need water soluble stabilizer, however you can also use these embroideries as regular borders.

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Finishing Trims
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